8 Moves to Learn
Making Time For YOU
A Fitter You

When I first walked into the CrossFit Gym – affectionately called “the box” – I was so clueless I didn’t even know I should be scared. I knew nothing about this sport except that it combined all of the other sports.

Here's what I did know:

  • I was intimidated more often by what I was wearing and how I looked.
  • Starting a new fitness routine is scary!
  • Walking into that first class is terrifying. 

And, I know that you feel that way too at times. 

But you're not alone!

So friend, here we go. Your fitness adventure in the CrossFit world starts now.


I’ve brought you detailed descriptions, with photos, on the 8 most popular moves in CrossFit.

So you can practice them at home
Learn to identify them
Rock that first workout with confidence!

Ready, Let's Go!