Mom can be the most difficult person to shop for. We put others first all the time, we worry about the budget, and we just want everyone else to be happy. Plus, we’re so dang tired we just don’t want to expend the energy to make a list for you. But I did it anyway, and here are my top holiday gift ideas for CrossFit Moms.

Don’t know or have a mom who does CrossFit? Most of these are good for any moms, but pay particular attention to the Rest Day section, since that’s really just for spoiling mom.

In the Gym Bag

Barbell Clips

I may be able to lift quite a bit of weight, but when it comes to dealing with those barbell clips, I give up. I don’t want to mess with the metal clamp ones, I don’t want to figure out which one slides easily onto the Bella Bar but not the standard bar. So I bring my own, currently in size pink. It’s well worth it.

WOD Counter Bracelet

Maths are hard when you’re also trying to breathe in the middle of a chipper. This functional bracelet from Repcord is the perfect option to help mom keep track of her reps and rounds. It’s simple, classic, and way easier than poker chips.

Massage Ball

When muscles are tight, it’s hard to move efficiently. Give mom a hand by tossing one of these lacrosse balls in her stocking. Easy to use, portable, and oh-so-effective, she’ll have a love/hate relationship with this trigger point massager.

WOD and Done Hand Protection

Mom’s hands need to be comforting, and CrossFit hands can get rough real quick. With WOD and done’s variety of hand protection, she’ll be able to slay those heavy weights, crank out those pull-ups, and then dry the tears while comforting the kids when she gets home.

To Wear

Shorts & Leggings from Born Primitive

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in the gym, but no one wants to go shopping for it. Luckily, Born Primitive has an excellent collection of shorts and leggings to keep Mom ready to workout. Shorts in a ton of colors, leggings that are perfect for errands and school drop off, she’ll keep wanting more.

Reebok Sneakers

Chances are, Mom needs a new pair of kicks for the gym. Reebok has some of the best CrossFit shoes, in enough colors to match all the outfits. From Olympic Lifters to the new Nanos, the options are limitless. Grab a pair for Mom or treat her to a trip to the store and lunch after.


The worst part about work out attire is securing that ponytail. Mom has enough to worry about without figuring out which hair tie is actually going to keep her hair up. FitTies are the answer. Trust me, they withstand burpees, handstand push-ups, box jumps, and everything else.

For Rest Day

Rest Day Joggers from Born Primitive

A true rest day is a wonderful thing. A day where there’s no juggling schedules to get gym time in, where mom can relax on the couch in comfy clothes, and maybe even indulge in a little chocolate. These Rest Day Joggers from Born Primitive are the perfect pants for that. Comfy, stylish, and perfect for resting in and out of the house.

Aloe Infused Socks

If Mom’s feet could use a treat, splurge for a pedicure and these aloe-infused socks. They’re super comfy and warm and help keep her feet in tip-top shape. The aloe stays in them for up at least 25 washes, so she’ll get lots of use from them before they become another pair of comfy socks.

Recover Bombs

A rough day in the gym will melt away in the bathtub, and these bath bombs made for athletes is the perfect addition. Give mom some time to soak in the tub with a good book and restore those muscles. With epsom salt and peppermint, these bath bombs from WOD Fitters are a great solution for sore muscles.

Ultimate Gift

Barbella Box Subscription Box

If you want to splurge and treat mom to a subscription box this year, the Barbella Box is the way to go. This monthly box has great products – it’s how I’ve discovered my love for the rest day joggers, the repcord, and so much more!

Barbella Box has Holiday Boxes available as well, perfect for shipping to Mom when she’s far away, deployed, or just loves to get mail.

Make sure you take the time to spoil your Mom this holiday season, because you know she’s taking a lot of time to spoil everyone else.

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