By now, you know my love of CrossFit. And if you pay attention to my social media, you’ll frequently see me wearing the Eagle on Friday workouts. But you may not know why. (Hint: WOD 4 Warriors is coming up!)

Wearing RED on Fridays is something people do to remember those deployed. RED stands for Remember Everyone Deployed. It’s a simple way to support our deployed troops.

So I #weartheeagle most Fridays. But there’s one special time of the year that I love wearing my Team RWB gear more than others. It’s in November when we combine CrossFit and Team RWB to do WOD 4 Warriors.

Remember what WOD stands for? Workout of the Day. (For more CrossFit terms, check out this blog post.)

Anyway, WOD 4 Warriors is a partner workout done at CrossFit gyms across the world. This year, I talked my gym into hosting it and my local Team RWB chapter into letting me run it. Yup. I’m that excited! And here’s why I think you should do it, too!

3 Reasons To Do WOD 4 Warriors

wod 4 warriors

It’s Free

When was the last time you could walk into a CrossFit gym for free? Probably the first time you ever walked in. But this workout is free. Yes, there is a fundraising opportunity, and some will go full out for that. But the registration is free. So really, no excuses here!

But if you want to donate or buy a t-shirt. Go for it! Team RWB has already raised $54,866 in donations and shirt purchases towards their $70,000 goal! T-shirts can be purchased with your registration.

It’s Fun

Is there any better way to spend a weekend morning than working out with friends? Nope, I don’t think so either. But not all of these workouts will be scheduled for a weekend. There are over 338 Host Gyms with 2,409 Participants currently registered. I’m sure you can find something that works with your schedule.

It’s For Everyone

This partner workout can be challenging, or not. The scaled version is perfect for beginners, requires no equipment, and could be done in groups easily. The RX version is a bit more challenging, but can still be done in a group setting. 20 minutes isn’t that long, and you’ll have some rest while your partner is working.

Are you ready to join us? Sign up today!
Local friends: Join our team here. Heats start at 9am on Saturday, November 9th at Greenbrier Fitness in Evans, Ga.

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