It’s no secret I’m a fan of meal prepping, freezer cooking, and my Instant Pot. It’s also not a secret that I’m not of fan of complicated recipes, lots of odd ingredients, or things that take too much effort. I like simplicity, I like good tasting food, and I like to save time.

My secret to freezer cooking: Once a Month Meals.

I’ve mentioned them before, I’ve shared with you about them many times, and they’ve never, ever let me down. Their recipes are easy to understand, use normal ingredients, and – most importantly – they taste good!

The menus that OAMM puts together make this process so incredibly simple. Once you select your menu – and personalize it if you’d like – you get a shopping list, a prep list, cooking directions so you use our time efficiently, recipe cards, and information to print on labels to label your food. Yes, you have to do the shopping and cooking yourself, but they took all the planning out of it, which saves me literally, hours of time.

By now you’re probably thinking, what else can she say? I’m sold. Sign me up! Well, there’s more. OAMM is more than just freezer cooking. And it is for everyone. So, let me share with you some of my favorite parts – beyond the recipes and menus.

Dump & Go Meals

As much as I would love to spend time making elaborate and beautifully plated meals – wait, no I don’t. I like the easy, tasty ones. I like to spend an hour in the kitchen assembling as many meals as possible and then moving on. Which is why I love Dump & Go menus. OAMM has almost 100 Dump & Go menus, so there’s plenty of room to try new things. 

Grilling Menus

Summer is coming and one thing I love about summer is that the grill can take the place of the oven. And my husband is the grill master – so I get off a little easier. My favorite grilling recipe has 10 “dump and go” recipes on it, meaning that there is no prep work other than just dumping the marinade-type ingredients on top of the meat and freezing. So next time chicken breasts go on sale, grab some, prep them with a grilling menu and you’ll be ready for summer.

Mini Menus

One of the big draws for freezer cooking is the ability to get dinner on the table with minimal fuss. Some people really enjoy cooking meals in advance for breakfast and lunch too, and the traditional menus usually have a few breakfast and lunch items on them. But I really need more freezer dinners and less of the rest. We don’t have issues with breakfast and most of us eat leftovers for lunch, so I focus on dinners. And the mini menus do that! They’re about 5 meals, that you make twice and they are done quickly. They’re my favorite.


One thing that is hard about freezer meals and menus is that you often feel like it’s the same thing over and over again. Casseroles, stews, and soups – and that’s it! But it’s not like that at all. Once a Month Meals has over 9,000 recipes and 250 menu combinations to choose from. There’s no way you can get bored with all those options!


OAMM knows that freezer cooking isn’t the easiest thing to get started on. And by changing their membership situation about six months ago, they are able to spend a little more time offering support and assistance with getting started. Start by taking a quiz to establish where you are in your journey and then get connected with others who are in the same place.

OAMM opens membership about every quarter, AND IT OPENED TODAY! Take full advantage of membership and get freezer cooking! And don’t forget to check out my Guide to Freezer Cooking to get started off on the right foot.

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