The last five weeks the CrossFit world has been focused around one main thing – The Open. And with the changes this year to the way athletes are qualifying for The Games, it was a very closely followed leaderboard.

The Open is for everyone. The intention is for every athlete to be able to compare themselves to others within their age group and skill category. There is an Rx (the term we use for “prescribed”) and a Scaled version.

I opted for the Scaled version, but ended up doing two workouts Rx because they were well within my ability. It did end up skewing my rankings though, which is a little frustrating, as I wanted to see how I stacked up against those athletes that are close to me in skill level.

The Workouts

My reaction – Yes! I can do this without scaling!

I went into this one confident in the movements and my ability to do them well. But, I didn’t anticipate the nerves though! I also didn’t warm-up well and went out a little too fast. But I finished 4.5 rounds and was happy with it. It was a great way to start off the Open.

My reaction – Well, one thing I’m good at and two things I’m not. And, yay – a reward for doing well – more work.

This workout had two elements that I’m really not good at. So the scaled version was the best option for me. Except it still had jumping rope – which is probably the thing in CrossFit I am the absolute worst at. So I rushed through the first two rounds of this, giving myself tons of time for jumping rope. And I burned out.

The scaled version involved hanging knee raises instead of toes to bar and single jump ropes instead of double unders. The weight for the cleans were lighter to, starting at 55, and moving up by 10 lbs each time.

I actually redid this workout, which was not my intent on any of them. But I knew I could do better, and I did. I improved by 18 reps the second time – even though my jump rope was even worse the second time.

My reaction – Probably the same as the rest of the world – not fair!

I went back and forth on this workout and looking back, I think I should have changed tactics. Knowing I was not going to be able to do strict handstand push-ups, but I did have strict scaled push-ups, I went for the scaled version again. But I didn’t even make it that far. So I should have done the overhead lunge instead of the front rack and moved up in the rankings. Oh well.

The only difference for the scaled version here was the lunges were done in a front rack position instead of overhead.

My reaction – Oh great. Another one of those workouts where I can’t even finish the scaled version. (I don’t have pull ups).

But this time, instead of scaling, I did the workout as prescribed (we call that Rx in CrossFit) and accepted that my score would just be that. This was my best finish of the Open so far. I felt strong, my lifts were strong and my pace was consistent. After the first


My reaction – ugh. That’s a lot of reps.

And it was, 105 thrusters and 105 jumping pull-ups is a lot of reps. But I stuck to my plan to break things up early, concentrate on my breathing during the thrusters, and just keep moving. I finished in 15:46 and was really, really happy with it. I don’t think I could have done better at this point.

This one I also scaled, opting for the 45-lb. thruster and jumping pull-ups.

The Outcome

Now, the week after The Open is here. And I’m coming off of the high of knowing I left it all there on these workouts. That I’m stronger and fitter than I thought I was and that I have my work cut out for me.

The next Open is just six months away, and I’ll be ready. Will you?

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