Couples who workout together – stay together. Yes, we’ve all heard that—in some variety—and I roll my eyes each time. Without getting deep into my philosophy on marriage, let’s leave it as: couples who choose to stay together, stay together. Now, how does that apply to the real world? It makes it harder.

In a perfect world, my husband and I would be able to work out together. We’d have a couple of hours a day to go through a strength cycle and a CrossFit workout four or five days a week. We’d spend Saturday mornings hiking or kayaking and Saturday afternoons napping on the couch.

workout together

But. We have work, kids, a dog. You know, real life.

So, we’re left with two options:

Wait 16 years until our youngest moves out and do these things.

Find a way to prioritize our relationship and our fitness goals individually.

I think you can imagine which one I voted for.

That’s not to say we can’t accomplish our individual fitness goals. Nor is it an excuse to stop working out. But recognizing and realizing that we cannot always work out together is a big step. For the past 18 months, my fitness has been elevated as a family priority. And while I’m sure it would be easier most days to fall back on the excuse of parenting to not go to the gym, it’s more than a work out to me. And that spills over into other areas of my life. 

When We Can Workout Together

Sometimes we do get the opportunity to work out together, and it’s wonderful. When the stars align (and there is childcare at the gym) we thoroughly enjoy working out together. Saturdays are our favorite, as our gym does partner workouts those days. We get to work out together, often doing something in tandem or working in a relay method. Sometimes we have an advantage over other partners because we have years of experience communicating. He knows my weaknesses, I know when he needs to take a break.

workout together

And we’re not alone. There are a lot of CrossFit athletes that are in a relationship with another athlete. Some of them met through CrossFit and some of them have built their lives around it. I find it fascinating to hear about their stories—particularly the ones where one is the coach, I just can’t imagine that relationship.

Just like in any relationship, you have things in common and things that you enjoy separately. I’m glad that my husband and I have this in common, and I look forward to the years when we can workout together on a regular basis.

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