Did you set a resolution this year? Do you have a detailed plan to make sure it happens?

Even though I didn’t set a resolution this year, I still have goals. And I’ve learned there are a few ways to make sure I accomplish my goals.

Write Them Down

Besides the obvious fact that writing down resolutions and goals helps us to remember them, there are other reasons for writing something down is important. You remember things better when you physically write them out. You can place the written words in various places to help you remember. You can be creative with your goals and make a vision board or notebook full of the things you want to accomplish. Go now, and write down your goals. I’ll wait. Here’s mine.

Squat 305 pounds by July 1st.

For reference, my max was 265 pounds on June 1st, 2018.

Make a Plan

Now that you have written them down, its’ time to make a plan. It’s not enough to say we want to do something, but we have to figure out what goes in, day in and day out, to accomplish the goal. My goal of squatting 305 pounds by July 1st gives me six months to add 40 pounds to my current back squat. This is going to require six months worth of work. It’s going to mean every week I’m putting in extra time squatting. Even when everyone else wants to go home.

Make Yourself Accountable

Are you scared to share your goals with someone else? If you are then this next step is going to be really hard. But once you have figured out your goal and your plan, you need some support. You need someone to keep you accountable, to remind you why you are pushing for this, and to celebrate with when you are working toward this goal. I just told the entire internet my goal, and I’m not asking you to do that, but I am asking you to trust one person with it. I’m happy to help you achieve your goal, and I’ll keep it private.

Evaluate & Celebrate

As you make your plan, decide what the stepping stones are going to be, and plan to re-evaluate your goal at that point and celebrate the progress. I might break mine up into 2-month increments, adding about 15 pounds every two months. I may also discover two months in that it’s going to be too much of a jump in 6 months. Or (and I hope!) that I don’t need the full six months to get there. Either way, you want to know where you are so you can adjust your plan accordingly.

What’s your goal? What is your plan? Let’s do this together!

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