Each year I make a resolution to lose weight. Each year I fail. It’s heartbreaking. It’s embarrassing. It’s unnecessary.

This year, I’m making a different choice. I’m choosing to embrace my body for the healthy, strong, and amazing thing it is.

Sure, I’m overweight. And I’d love to drop 35 pounds. But after a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago, I discovered this.

Losing 35 pounds will not make me happier.

Nope. It won’t. See I’m pretty gosh-dern happy right now. Like 98% happy most days. And, when it comes to the things that make me happy, my weight doesn’t play a part. And in order to drop that much weight, I’d actually have to sacrifice some of the things that make me happy. Therefore, I’ve decided it’s not worth it.

Now before you all start saying “weight is just a number” or “you can’t be healthy at that weight” I want to caution you. Weight is a number. And sometimes its indicative of health. In my case, I truly believe it is not. I am healthy. In fact, I’d wager that I’m at the top of the healthy and fit list for women my age who weigh the same as me. I’m pretty strong, my endurance is decent, and I eat really good food (most of the time.)

I’m not giving up.

A friend said the other day when we were discussing the pitfalls of attending a church where most people wear jeans, “There’s a difference between ‘come as you are’ and not caring.” She’s totally right. I still care about my health and my weight. I know that the extra weight I am carrying will eventually affect my health. And so I should be taking measures right now to prevent that.

I am eating well, I am drinking water, I am going to the gym. My fitness consists of endurance, lifting, and mobility. I’m getting stronger and faster every day. Just this last year I’ve accomplished quite a few personal records and overcome some mental hurdles.

Physical strength isn’t enough.

I need mental and emotional strength. I need to know that even despite the hard work I put it, I may not lose weight. I need a support system. I need reminders that I am strong and I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I need you, my community, my people to help me through this.

Here’s how you can help me:

  • Ask me about the gym and my goals
  • Encourage me to be active and workout – better yet, work out with me!
  • Don’t comment on my weight or what I’m eating – positive or negative
  • Remind me that I’ve chosen to be happy and to put other things above my weight

Happiness is contagious.

I want to continue to share this journey with you. I want you to consider setting a different kind of resolution this year. Resolve to be happy. To be happy with your hard work, even if the scale doesn’t move. To be happy with the weight you can lift, not the weight you can’t. To enjoy the people you are around, even if they are faster than you. Find people to be happy with.

I’m here. I’m ready to have you join me on my journey this year to find and keep happiness.

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