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I’m a pretty low maintenance girl. At least that is what I tell myself. And it’s mostly true. Mostly. I don’t wear makeup, I use my blow dryer once every six months, I have five pairs of shoes, and I have one purse. But when I dig a little deeper, I’m quite a snob about some particular things. Like the kind of bag I carry my life in and the brand of shampoo I use.

And when I look at all of these things, I realize they perfectly describe me and my goals in life. They are practical, they are of good quality, and they are low maintenance The joy that I get from wearing a pair of shoes and carrying my awesome bag makes me want to share them with you. So, without further fuss, here’s my list. You’re welcome.

For the “Girly” Me

Essential Oils

I know, I know, everyone uses essential oils and their brand is the best. I’m not going to debate that, as I’ve explained before why I chose the brand I use. But let’s talk practicality. Sometimes I need more than just diffusing a pretty smelling oil in my house. Sometimes I need some on-the-spot oily action. So I keep three oils in my purse Stress Away, Deep Relief, and the Breathe Again, all as roller bottles. So when I need to battle against some sore muscles, stuffy noses, or headaches I’m prepared. And, because germs are rampant, I like to keep the Thieves hand purifier in there too. And some lip balm. Just because.


I own five pairs of shoes. Three of them are sneakers. One is a pair of awesome flip flops and the final pair are black Tieks. Yup. I know I said I was low maintenance, but really, these shoes are worth every. single. penny. They fit well, they support my feet preventing back pain. They are made from top quality materials and the customer service is awesome. In fact, when I ordered a pair, I wasn’t sure if they fit right so they sent me another size, told me to keep both and compare them and then send the other one back. So yeah, I love my black Tieks and I’m in the market for a pair of red ones.

Sword & Plough Tote

A good bag makes or breaks you. I wanted a big, sturdy, every occasion bag and I am thrilled that the Sword & Plough Blue Signature Zip Top Tote does that and more. Plenty of pockets to store things for easy access, a few internal pockets to keep keys and business cards, and lots of space inside. The zip top makes things stay put when I store it under the airplane seat or when my toddler knocks it off the table. Now it comes without a zip top, and as a mini-tote. The colors available include blue, green, and camo. And new this season are Air Force and Marine Corps Edition Mini Totes. (If this interests you, email me for my discount code to save up to 20% off of your order!)

For the Practical Me

Sewing Kit

You may not know this about me, but I know my way around a sewing machine. I can fix almost anything with a needle and thread. After the first time attempt to sew a combat patch on a dress uniform ended in tears almost 12 years ago, I was able to secure that sucker on a new uniform with my trusty sewing kit last month. Bravo! So I keep a small sewing kit in my purse. It may be a button that comes off, a skirt that lost a hem, or something else that needs a temporary fix, I’m ready.

Bamboo utensils

I try to be zero-waste, and the thing I struggle with the most is when we eat out. It’s a habit to grab a plastic fork, knife, and spoon – which are usually wrapped in plastic – and then not even use them all. So with this bamboo set of utensils, which includes chopsticks, you have everything you need, without the waste. I keep mine in my purse and remember to bring it out about half of the time. Here’s to remembering more!

Stainless steel straw

We only use stainless steel straws in this house, so I’m prepared for people to stop selling/distributing plastic straws. Again, when we eat out, I struggle with the concept of individually wrapped plastic straws. Once when we were out, I had a stainless steel straw that I popped into one of the cups and it was perfect for G. It’s already bent, so there was no tipping of the cup required. So now I have one tucked in with my bamboo utensils.

Reusable Bag

The easiest way to be zero-waste is to bring your own stuff. Which is why I have at least one reusable shopping bag in my purse. Sometimes I toss the bamboo utensils and straw in there to wash when we get home. Sometimes I use them when I’m shopping. The uses are endless and the options for these bags are too. I prefer the canvas or fabric ones. I even make some out of old t-shirts.

Maybe I am high maintenance, but whatever I am, I’m happy with these things. This “stuff” that resides in my bag and helps me do life in a way that makes me happy. Sometimes stuff can make you happy.


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