We all had grand summer plans. Bucket lists, craft projects, a schedule for our wonderful children to follow. But then real life happened. Dragging everything to the pool for an hour became less appealing. Instead of finding new books for them to read, you are googling for appropriate Netflix series for them to watch. You swear up and down next year you are sending them to their grandparents or overnight camp. Or maybe you’ll find a year-round school…..

Here in Augusta, summer is almost over. Less than a month from now the children will be back in school and life will be back to “normal.” But until then, parents everywhere are hearing the most dreaded phrases of summer:

I want a snack.

I’m bored.

To help myself through these last few weeks, only one more of which includes glorious summer day camp, I’ve made a list of things that are still available for fun right through the very end. You’re welcome.

Cheap Movies

Evans Cinema is offering cheap kids movies on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:00. I’d get their early so you can grab snacks and get good seats. (Doors open at 9:15.) $1.50 each for tickets, popcorn, and drinks! July movies include:

  • 7/12 – Emoji Movie
  • 7/17 & 7/19 – Ninjago
  • 7/24 & 7/26 – Despicable Me 3

Free Summer Bowling

I know you’ve seen the Kids Bowl Free summer deals, but now is the time to sign up. Each kid gets one free game each and every day. Head on over to Stars & Strikes or Gordon Lanes and let them play! You can watch, you could play, you could play Candy Crush on your phone. We’re not judging; we’re jealous.

Super Splash Day – July 17th at SRP Park

I love SRP Park, and I love how they always have something going on to make baseball games even more fun. On July 17th, they are having a super splash day! The educational activities and water inflatables start at 12:05. Plus, baseball and regular concessions are also open. Get your tickets online.

Air Strike ‘Wild Card’ Summer

We just did this one last week, family jump time at AirStrike! Ok, so it’s way more fun on a holiday when the other parent comes along, but it is a great idea for wearing those kiddos out. There are plenty of comfy couches for you to sit on while your kids jump. Invite a friend, both for your kid and for you, so you have someone to talk to. And they are running a deal right now if you want to make this a daily thing.

For more awesome things to do in the Augusta area, I highly suggest following CSRA Kids on Facebook. They’ve got all the latest and greatest information and a wonderful community that can help you feel connected right away.

Four more weeks. We can do it!

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