This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 1 Natural Way, a TRICARE breast pump provider. All opinions are entirely my own.

There I was, sitting on an airplane with a baby, not yet three months old. I had just said goodbye to my husband, as he set off on another deployment to Afghanistan. I was flying “home” to the United States to live with my in-laws, work my old job part-time, and attempt to muddle through these next months alone. Thus far, the scariest part was actually getting on the plane.

Babies require so much extra stuff. And even though I was traveling home, where my mother-in-law had prepared a pack-n-play, toys, and a changing table, I still felt like I was carrying way too much. Infant carrier, stroller, bottles, diapers, clothes. It was so much!

But after that initial trip with a baby, I relaxed a little bit. My two older children were both born in Germany, and by the time I flew home with them to move back to the States (alone, again) had made four and one intercontinental flights already. By the time the third child came around, a good six years later, I was an old pro at traveling with kids.

And sure enough, right before the one-year mark with my youngest child, we set off on an adventure. This time, however, it was just me and my baby. I didn’t bother with a stroller, since I had my baby carrier. I did travel with a car seat, and I had my trusty diaper bag. I’d learned a few tricks along the way that I was sure to implement on this trip:

  • Pack an extra set of clothes, for you and baby
  • Don’t board when they say “families travelling with small children can board first”
  • Accept help from others when they offer it

This trip was for both work and pleasure, so I was prepared for both. At this point, my baby was still breastfeeding and was eating real food. It was the best of both worlds, as I didn’t have to pack baby food, and I was able to travel with just one bottle.

I try to always check my bags when I fly, because I find it terribly obnoxious when people attempt to shove an oversized suitcase into a full overhead compartment and then look bewildered when a flight attendant says it won’t fit. And because it’s annoying to worry about rolling a bag along. I always check our bags when flying with kids, because I don’t ever have enough hands. I was really glad to check my bag because I was able to pack my breast pump and have no issues with security or have to lug it with me.

We had an uneventful trip, my little man and I, we accomplished our work, we hung out at the USO whenever possible on our layover. And on our last flight, the ticket agent saved the entire row for us, so we could easily stretch out and take a nap on the way home.

Traveling with infants and nursing babies doesn’t have to be stressful. A little preplanning and a sense of adventure can make all the difference.

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