Sometimes it’s best to go straight to the source on great ideas. This is a sponsored guest post, by Georgia blogger Alex Berger, but all opinions are those of the author. ~Rebecca

Hi everyone! My name is Alex Berger and I am a freelance writer and blogger at The Berger Bungalow. When my husband and I were looking to purchase our first home, we considered many different options. Older homes, new homes, and even homes to build. One thing I noticed with most of them is that location is everything. Some of the worst homes in great areas were more expensive than great homes, in areas that were not ideal. Another thing I noticed is the fact that older homes are usually great deals.

Originally, we did not want an older home. We automatically decided it was not for us at all because we wanted to make it our own, but I came to realize that you can still make an older home your own with a few renovations. Purchasing an older home and doing cost efficient renovations is a fantastic deal, most of the time – you just have to be a little creative when looking at the home. If you currently own an older home, or you are considering purchasing an older home, don’t worry! There are cost-efficient ways to not only update an older home but make it your own. Here are a few of my favorite ways:


Paint is such an inexpensive way to update a home. Luckily, it is very easy to do, as well. Once we moved into our home, we painted the entire interior (and we removed the popcorn ceilings, as well). When I say entire interior, I mean it – ceilings, walls, baseboards, everything. The only painting we did not cover is the kitchen cabinets, staircase railing, and the fireplace surround. We will eventually get to all of these, but honestly, just a fresh coat of paint on all of the walls and baseboards made a huge difference.

When we moved in, our house was the color of the rainbow. Every single room was a different color and most of them were darker colors, leaving the house feeling dark and closed off (even though we have a very open floor plan). We decided to go with a light gray color for the walls and a bright white for the ceilings and baseboards, which was a great way to go.

When painting your home, I recommend choosing bright colors to open up your home. A lot of the time, older homes are pretty closed off and this is a great, easy way for it to feel larger and more open.

Light Switches

A lot of older homes have light switches that are an off-white, or yellow color, which look very outdated. Changing out your light switches is relatively easy, but please keep in mind that you are working with electricity, so you need to be very knowledgeable and careful. If you do not know what you are doing, please hire a professional. If possible, installing dimming lights is a great way to do a quick, inexpensive upgrade, or you can just replace the plates to look fresh and clean.


While you are at it, head on over and inspect your lighting, as well. Brass fans and light fixtures are both an immediate old home staple and if your home still has it installed, it might be time to consider upgrading. Another great, easy way to make your home look younger is by replacing your sconces outside. We just replaced ours and it looks so much better. My husband did this in about 15 minutes, so it is totally doable, if you know how to work with electricity.


There are great inexpensive flooring options now and some of them add great benefits like waterproofing and scratch-resistance. A lot of old homes used laminate and linoleum, which is completely fine, but over time, it just starts to look worn down and old. Although flooring can get expensive if you replace all of the floorings in your home, it will make a huge difference.


Replacing windows are very expensive, but there are a few ways to upgrade your windows without actually replacing them. Adding window treatments is a great start. This is a great way to add texture to your home, while also adding privacy. Another way to upgrade your windows is by adding window films. Window Films can help with excessive heat and cold while saving energy, which a lot of older homes struggle with. In fact, adding 3M™ Sun Control Window Films to your windows can reduce home cooling costs by up to 30%. Window Films rejects up to 78% of the sun’s heat coming through your windows, but it still lets light in, which is a great perk. In the Atlanta-area, you will find UHS Window Tinting and Blinds, which is a locally-owned and operated business specializing in window tinting. They carry a full line of 3M window film products that include sun control, safety, security, and of course, decorative films, as well. They have over 30 years of experience in the Atlanta window tinting industry and they do not have one bad review.

Although purchasing an older home is not everyone’s cup of tea, I hope this article made you think about the fact that you can turn an older home into your dream home, it just takes a little bit of work! Have you ever updated an older home?

Freelance writer and travel + culinary blogger, Alex Berger lives in the suburbs of Atlanta with her husband and two dogs. If she is not writing an article, dining at a unique restaurant, or visiting a new city, you will probably find her taking a walk with friends, having a dance party with her husband, or cheering on her favorite sports teams (UGA + The Braves). If you love to travel, or if you are a huge foodie, you are going to want to check out her blog, The Berger Bungalow and follow her on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook, as well.

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