I recently attended the Military Influencers Conference in Dallas, Texas and while I haven’t written a full recap yet, let me just tell you, it was eye-opening. So many amazing people within our community, all solving problems and helping each other. One thing I did notice was that there wasn’t a lot of people who were talking about freelance writers. Everyone wants quality content, but it seemed like we need a few discussions on freelancing.

So as I usually do, I decided to fix that. I’ve launched a Facebook group Mil Freelance Writers, to create a community for military spouse freelancers. It was almost too easy. But to be successful, we need to grow a community, and that is always the more challenging part. So here’s why you, as a milspouse and a freelancer, should join me.

We need more professional networks

There are organizations, groups, and networks for every characteristic and trait that a group of people can possess. There are milspouse groups all over Facebook. Groups for each duty station, for bloggers, for those searching for jobs, for those with careers. There are also groups for freelance writers. Again, separated by gender, location, specialty. But what I can’t seem to find, is a group that combines both milspouse and freelance writer. Well, now there is.

We get “it”

Knowledge of milspouse life isn’t something you can fake. There are certain things that milspouses are going to have to overcome as a freelance writer that others aren’t going to understated. This community will “get it” when you jokingly say, “I like it when my spouse is gone for a week, I can get a lot done.” We get it when you have to work ahead, or take time off for a move. We get it when you want to branch out from milspouse publications but aren’t sure where to go. This is that place.

We can’t always get together in person

It was absolutely amazing to see how many milspouse entrepreneurs and bloggers were able to make the conference in Dallas. It is such an amazing accomplishment for milspouses. From our service member’s unpredictable work schedule to living far from family to financial challenges and frustrations, it’s almost impossible to travel for work. The excitement and priority placed on such an event by these military families proves that we need to get together, we thrive on community, and we are serious about change.

We face unique challenges

When we look at the challenges a milspouse freelancer faces, we see a few things. Sure, this is a great job for moving. It’s a great job that we can do from home or from the road, on our own schedule. But, we face some unique challenges as well. Taxes, for one. Not only are freelance taxes annoying, they’re super annoying when you are paying taxes in a state you don’t live in anymore. Or when you can’t find an accountant that understands the military lifestyle. Now we have a place to share these resources.

We are amazing at building each other up

I’ve never, ever seen a group of people who are so quick to come to the aide of another. In this community, we make fast and furious friends. We don’t hesitate to call at 2 am when we need help. And we hesitate even less to go running when someone needs help. So why wouldn’t you want to be part of a community who does this for other freelance writers? Imagine the good we can do!

Are you ready to join us? Are you ready to rock the writing world? Are you ready to share with other milspouses and create a community?  Join us!

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