To My Fellow Military Spouses: Thank You, for Everything.


This week, we celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day and with it comes stories of amazing military spouses who do wonderful things for their communities. A few years ago, I reflected upon my military spouse experiences after reading this blog post on military spouses. There are so many different ways military spouses support our Service Members, spouses, families, and communities, yet I think the more significant impact comes in the ways we support each other.

So this year, as I now reflect on 12 years as a military spouse, I've added a few things to my list. But, not surprisingly, so many of these things have been done time and time again, without a second thought. 

Like the time you took me to the OB because my husband was deployed. And to the hospital when I was in pre-term labor.

Or the time you brought me dinner or cooked for me because I was so tired, sick, pregnant, stressed.

Or when you dragged me out of the house to experience Europe.

And the time we got lost because I refused to use the GPS.

And the many times we stayed up until midnight crafting and talking.

Or when we decided to cook two weeks worth of meals together to save time later on.

When I cried on your shoulder because I didn't want you to move.

When you called in tears over deployment orders, again.

And when I needed to borrow a dress for the dining out or a sweater for work.

For showing me how to do this, even when you knew it was going to be hard.

When you let me be the third wheel at whatever event was going on and I attended solo. 

Thank you ...

For embracing me like we've been friends for years, the very first time we meet in person.

For driving an hour each way to have dinner.

For loving my kids like they are your own.

For telling me to suck it up when I needed to hear it.

For answering the phone no matter what time it is and coming over to help.

For understanding the random emotional outbursts.

For packing up my stuff when I was too distraught to do it.

For sharing your family time with my family.

For the open invitation to holiday meals.

For mailing my shoes to me when I left them in a hotel.

For not letting distance, time zones, months, or even years get in the way of our friendship.

For being my friend when you knew I was leaving in a few months.

For bringing a home-cooked meal to a friend when I couldn't.

For encouraging me to work hard, when I needed a little push.

For believing in me, when I couldn't. 

And for so much more. I can't even scratch the surface of the way you have opened your arms to me each and every time we move. We aren't friends; we are family. I am so lucky to have you.  

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Thursday, 19 July 2018