10 Things We’re Watching to Prepare for Season Two of The Crown


​This post was co-written by myself and Rheanna from Cammo Style Love. We have a wonderful long-distance relationship that centers around random texts, harried phone calls, and our love for historical fiction. 

I don't know if you know this about us, but we are huge fans of history. Well, history that comes in pretty dresses and love stories for sure. So it's safe to say that we are some of the biggest fans of Claire Foy in The Crown on Netflix. We are absolutely stoked that season two is finally coming to Netflix.

We're excited because we'll get a few weeks to watch it on our own before the kids go on Winter Break, and it's one of those shows we can have on while they are around without worrying about them hearing or seeing things that aren't appropriate.

But as we anxiously await December 8th, we are finding ourselves with some time to spare. If you're wondering what we're doing to fill our time with while we wait. Here our are suggestions 

1. The Queen - Helen Mirren steals our hearts each and every time we watch this one. She's proud, accomplished, and well-respected. A glimpse into what we may see in Season 2?

2. The White Queen - We are both huge fans of Philippa Gregory's books turned to Starz mini-series. You don't have time to read all the books before season two starts (well, maybe you do if you do nothing else) but the backstory on the White Queen stretches back to the maternal grandmother of Henry VIII. It's absolutely wonderful.

3. The White Princess - Following in her mother's footsteps, Elizabeth marries the new King and fights more battles than she was ready for. Forced into a marriage that eventually blossoms into a partnership, Henry and Elizabeth begin a line that produces some of the most powerful rulers England has seen.

4. The Tudors - Warning: This show was produced by Showtime. It certainly is the more scandalous and sexual side of Henry VIII, but if you are ok with the graphic nature, the storyline is good. I (Rebecca) really like the last season when the King is in his old age.

5. The Other Boleyn Girl - While I (Rheanna) might argue that the book is better than the movie, it will still be enough to hold you over. Rebecca wholeheartedly agrees that the book is superior, but the movie is good!

6. Reign - "Rebecca and I are still grieving the end of this show and might not be ready to talk about it," Rheanna. It's true, while we knew what the ending was going to be, it still felt really sudden. 

7. A Royal Night Out - If the sister relationship on The Crown interested you, you can see more of it in this movie. The two head out on the town while the country celebrates the end of World War II and they manage to slip out on their guards. It's a feel good movie for sure.

8. Victoria - You can only watch the first season on Amazon currently, but we challenge you to not fall in love with the costumes, the bewitching young Queen, and her handsome Prince. And once you do, check out Young Victoria as well.

9. The Royals - Sure it's a little saucy and sometimes resembles an episode of Sex in the City instead of anything else on our list, but sometimes you need a bit of mindless television to get you through the week.

10. Wolf Hall - If you love Claire Foy in The Crown, you'll love her in this PBS mini series, chronicling Cromwell's rise in the Tudor Court. "Wait! I didn't know that she was in this! Queue it up!" Rebecca 

And of course, rewatching season one, timed so perfectly that we can go seamlessly from the last episode to the first. I (Rebecca) really like this technique and have been known to drive my husband crazy doing this.

We are so excited that Season 2 of The Crown drops on Netflix on December 8th. The only thing that would make it better is if we were able to watch it together. Maybe next season!


~Rebecca & Rheanna

​Cover photo credit: Netflix Press Release

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Guest - Robin on Wednesday, 27 December 2017 03:38

These are great suggestions for getting pumped to watch season 2. I plan on. Hwckimg out the White Queen tomorrow night after the littles go to bed.

These are great suggestions for getting pumped to watch season 2. I plan on. Hwckimg out the White Queen tomorrow night after the littles go to bed.
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