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I have been using CinchShare to help make the most of my social media time for just over a year now. I really have enjoyed utilizing this program to schedule Facebook Posts. There are many programs out there that provide this service, and I've tried most of them. Here's why I stick with CinchShare: 

It's Quick. It's Easy. With storage that you can access in a click, your frequently used posts are even easier to recreate. Canva is an easy to use program that helps design images for posts and works with CinchShare.

Cross Posting. Twitter! Pinterest! Just when I thought it couldn't get better, CinchShare added the ability to share the same posts on Pinterest and Twitter. This saves me even more time now!

Multiple Events. Multiple Photos. Multiple Pages. I can post to multiple Facebook pages, groups, and parties in batches. I'm telling you, saving time is key here! This also gives me the ability to say "Yes" to simple volunteer tasks like running the Facebook page because in 10 minutes I can schedule the whole month and then forget about it.

Streamlined Content Management. I really like that I can easily schedule the same post for several different outlets without copying and pasting it over and over again. I can also save things from the web that I want to use later.

​Great Social Media Tips. ​There is a Facebook group for CinchShare users, where the admins share tips, tricks, and events to help increase followers and social media traffic.

Free Trial. The cost of CinchShare is $10 a month, which is a steal for all the extra traffic it can drive to your site and for the many, many ways you can use it. They also offer a FREE trial! 

They are working on making it even better!​

There are so many people using CinchShare that the company is working on bringing some new features to the program. I'm really looking forward to using CinchShare with other users as a team.

Are you ready to get started?! Start your free trial! 

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Thursday, 19 July 2018