3 School Lunches You Can Find in My Freezer


​You all know I'm a fan of freezer meals, right? I rarely cook dinner at dinner time, I love my Instant Pot, and I love having meals available at all times. 

While cooking dinner with crazy kids and a toddler in the witching hour is one my least favorite things to do, making school lunches absolutely tops the list of things I dislike. I mean, in the hustle and bustle of getting them dressed, fed, and out the door, school lunches make me want to scream. 

So I was thrilled when Once a Month Meals offered suggestions on school lunch items that could be made ahead and frozen. What else could I need in life?

Here are my top three favorites. The ones I've tried, perfected, and like to keep on hand. 

​This is great to make with leftover chicken. Just add some steamed broccoli and cheddar cheese and make a quesadilla. They freeze easily, and will thaw by lunch time if you forget to take them out of the freezer in advance.

​Anything in muffin form is easy to make, freeze, and serve for lunches. This recipe is great to double or triple, adding some of those bananas that always manage to go quickly on the counter. Bonus: Little hands can easily help make this recipe all on their own.

Another great muffin idea, this one with protein. Thing corn dogs, but ones you can control the ingredients on. Cornbread mix and then just pop a hot dog piece in it and good to go. This is another one I have my kids help with and they thaw perfectly by the time lunch rolls around.

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Thursday, 21 June 2018