Four Things I Bought When I Moved

Four Things I Bought When I Moved

Moving is exciting, right? Well, I'd argue that it gets less fun the more times you do it within a 12-month period.

But, there are some aspects of moving that are exciting. Finding a new house, hanging pictures in new rooms, rearranging furniture. And, buying new things!

We've been waiting to settle in a "permanent" home to buy a few new things. (You know, the one we may live in for more than six months.) Military families totally understand what we are saying. You don't buy a new piece of furniture before the movers come, because then you just know that would be the one piece lost or destroyed.

When we moved this time, we bought a few things, and we love them all, so I wanted to share them with you. 


We bought a mattress and box spring in the first week of our marriage. A few years later we added a bedroom set. Now, 11 years later, we replaced our mattress. We put a lot of research into it and decided upon a Ghost Bed. We were very pleased to realize that they were running a sale the weekend we bought it and were throwing in two new pillows. So, we saved a good deal, and it shipped very quickly. We loved it from night one! 

Dining Room Table 

  When we left Florida, we sold our pub height, corner dining room table with storage. It was a hard decision, as it was such a great setup, but we really wanted something that would fit our family better, as well as any guests we may have had. So while we were settling into our house, we spent some time looking around for new ideas on tables. And eventually, we found the perfect table at the thrift store on base. It is beautiful, comes with two leaves, that will comfortably fit at least 10 people around it. And a set of six chairs was also available at the thrift shop, so we now have a new (to us) dining room table!

Bookshelves & TV Stand

Again, we lucked out with timing as the Presidents Day sales struck right when we moved in. So, we upgraded our bookshelves and television stand after a trip to Target. Buying things on clearance with an added 15% off coupon makes them even more perfect. So when we found these bookshelves for $20 each, we snagged three of them. We decided not to mount our television this time around, so we bought a matching television stand as well. Our living room now has very nice, matching furniture in it!  

Costco Membership

If you've never lived somewhere without a Costco, then this will not be as exciting to you. But after five years in the desert (90 miles from the nearest Costco), and seven months in Pensacola (70 miles away), to have a Costco just 15 minutes away is simply wonderful. We spent an afternoon there just exploring while we were still living in the hotel. I've finally broken the streak of going every weekend, but it's still a pretty regular trip for us. You really can find everything you need there, and plenty of things you don't.  

What's on your list of things to replace/upgrade on your next move? How long have you been waiting to do so?

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Thursday, 21 June 2018