What’s for Dinner this Week: My Instant Pot Menu


​While I don't technically shop, chop, and prepare meals each week, I do make a meal plan. I stick to it 95% of the time, often swapping Tuesday's meal for Thursday's meal when I decide to be picky. But I make a plan. 

This week everyone is home on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. The afternoon and evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday are a little more hectic, so I try for meals that only require 10 to 15 minutes in the Instant Pot, so we can stick to the schedule.

As with the majority of my meal plans, this one came from Once a Month Meals, one of their easy assembly mini menus. 

In an effort to show you how my Instant Pot and I make it through the week, I'm planning to share what's going on in our kitchen. I prepped these meals in early September and we are still eating off of them! Sometimes they are demolished in one evening and other times they leave us with leftovers, which is always my intention. 

My freezer is almost empty

After this week, I'll be down to four or five assembled freezer meals, which means it's time to start the cycle over again. In this house, I'm "stuck" with only a side-by-side freezer, so I have to be more deliberate in my meal planning. I'll want to prepare enough to make the next month easy, but still give myself room to start preparing things for Thanksgiving. 

Join me here on the blog as I go through the process from beginning to end, from meal planning to shopping to stocking the freezer. 

Want to know more about this freezer cooking? Check out my post about freezer meals! 

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Sunday, 27 May 2018