30 Day Declutter Challenge Update


I'd be lying if I told you I've done each day on the right day. BUT, I have been doing each step. So, let's recap a few things.

I'm following Sarah's list over at Sincerely Anchored and I've been trying to get rid of stuff we don't need. We moved twice in the last year, so we don't have that much stuff that needed to go, but everyone accumulates a little bit of clutter in their daily lives. And, I have a not-so-secret goal to stay at/about our current household weight of 7,500 lbs forever.

I think I left you with my junk drawer and linen closet. Which, I'm proud to say, has been kept pretty organized almost 20 days later. Even my kids noticed. Win!

On the list since then has been:

  • Bathroom – medicine cabinets, makeup, etc.
  • Bedroom – nightstand, under the bed (eek!), clothes, shoes, dressers, accessories

I'll admit, I did not purge my clothes. Right now, I want to keep them all. Sure, I'll get rid of some come fall when we transition back to cooler clothes. But I ditch things as they are worn out, I ditch the kids' clothes when they outgrow them, so I didn't spend the time going through them this month. Hey, it's my challenge, I can set the rules. 


I did spend some time in the bathroom cabinets through. I'm pretty minimal here, as in we don't have a lot of extra products. But things still get shoved under the sinks. We have 2.5 bathrooms here and the downstairs bathroom only has extra toilet paper under the sink. Easy.

The kids' bathroom only stores Abi's caboodle and hair things. Which means everything else is in our bathroom. Which is a decent size and has lots of room. Medicine, extras soap and cotton balls, and my backup Young Living products live under our sink. Lotions, toothpaste, etc. While cleaning the bathrooms I found 5 things to donate/give away and one Walmart bag's worth of trash/products we don't use. 


I regularly spend hours in Abi's room helping her to clean and organize. Then I throw a fit when I see Declan's closet and he cleans it. Gregory has nothing in his room so that's a quick clean. But, as most parents can relate, our room hardly ever gets the thorough cleaning it deserves. It just doesn't. It's the catch all, the hiding place. But it's also my sanctuary, and my office is right off of it. So, I do want to keep it looking nice.

I started with my bedside table. It's where I keep my memories. My parents wedding album, my jewelry box from my grandmother, and in the bottom drawer my Mother's Day presents. I spent a little time reminiscing. Then I dusted it off and kept on working. I peeked under the bed and found only the photo with the broken glass from our move I need to have replaced.

I do have to finish up our other dresser, which quickly becomes the catchall to spare change, military uniform parts, and books. That's a good project for this weekend actually. 

What's Next?

Toys, Books, Desk, Craft Supplies (EEK), and the miscellaneous stuff like random cords.

This is the hardest part, but the most necessary. We tend to throw things in bins or boxes and then "deal with it later," without actually dealing with it. I need to go through my craft supplies. I haven't touched them since we left Arizona over a year ago.

So, this weekend? I'm going to haul everything into the living room after the kids go to bed, put on The Crown and sort fabric, papers, everything. Even if I end up keeping everything, it'll be a good chance to see what I have. Hold me to this, friends! 

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Thursday, 19 July 2018