How to make 2018 a year of reading, for everyone


This year was full of many things, but for me, it was a very slow year of reading. From having a baby to moving across the country to working almost full-time from home, I just didn't have enough time left to pick up a book. I read a few, in short spurts, and I loved them, but I didn't read as much as I wanted to.

Each year, there is a great reading challenge created and posted by the Modern Mrs. Darcy and the readers of the internet world go crazy for it. I've set a reading goal on Goodreads since 2012. I fell 8 books short of my goal in 2015, and again in 2016. But the other years I crushed it. 

2017: Audio Books Please!

This year I had a goal to read 15 books. I was at 19 heading into Christmas week, and eked out number 20 before New Year's. I read a few books this year that really deserve some recognition. They impacted me so much that I need to share them with you!

I also completed W.E.B. Griffin's The Corps series this year. Ten books, all on Audible, averaging 15 hours each. I love Griffin's storytelling. His detail is interesting, the character development is superb, and the narrator, Dick Hill, is captivating. I'm sad that another series is ending, but excited to pick one for 2018. You can find a link to book one, Semper Fi, here.

2018: Read Actual Books

This year, I'm really loving the simplicity of the 2018 Reading Challenge, and the fact that it only has 12 books! I am challenging myself to actually read these books, not listen to them. One physical book a month shouldn't be that hard, especially since I'm now sleeping all night long!

If you have recommendations for what I should be reading in 2018, I want to hear them! I'm looking for a variety of authors and genres, and if they fit one of the categories on the list, I'm totally game! 

Readers Make Readers

​The little people (and not so little, as they keep growing) love books as much as their father and I do. They read a LOT and love setting goals for their reading. I like to encourage them to read at home, beyond what is required for their homework, and to try new books. We also really enjoy reading together, and I want to continue to make time for that in 2018. We're a fan of Read Aloud Revival and love looking at her recommended reading lists.

 So because my children are goal and list oriented, I wanted to make them a checklist for their reading goals too. If your kiddos are ready for a reading challenge, download my fun checklist and let them pick out their categories, one for each month. And while I survive on the reward of just checking the box on my list, my kids like bigger rewards. So I'm planning something small each time they achieve their chosen category for the month.

Let's get reading. Are you ready?

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Thursday, 19 July 2018