Sync with CinchShare

I have been using CinchShare to help make the most of my social media time for just over a year now. I really have enjoyed utilizing this program to schedule Facebook Posts. There are many programs out there that provide this service, and I've tried most of them. Here's why I stick with CinchShare:  It's Quick. It's Easy. With storage that you...
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What’s for Dinner this Week: My Instant Pot Menu

​While I don't technically shop, chop, and prepare meals each week, I do make a meal plan. I stick to it 95% of the time, often swapping Tuesday's meal for Thursday's meal when I decide to be picky. But I make a plan.  This week everyone is home on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. The afternoon and evenings on Tuesday and Wednesday are a little m...
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5 Ways to Face the Overseas Living Funk

You have moved to a foreign country! Getting orders for an overseas duty station means an exciting, different land where unique experiences await. As friends and family find out that you have received a choice location many will get their own travel booked to come see you. Most will be encouraging. Some will be mad you are going so far away. A few ...
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Finally, A Subscription Service for Readers

Sometimes those Instagram ads get you! After scrolling past Book of the Month ads on Facebook and Instagram, I finally clicked it. I'd say it was due to the 30% off special they were running, but I'm sure it was the offer a free tote with the first book. I'm a sucker for tote bags. Before I share my thoughts on BOTM, a monthly subscription service ...
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Rebecca's Guide to Freezer Cooking

I'm certainly not a professional, but I've been doing this for a while and I wanted to take some time to share my top tips for cooking in advance and storing food in your freezer. Recently, I was asked to share my favorite Instant Pot freezer meals with Once a Month Meals, and a bit of my story. Here's what I shared: "I was adamantly opposed to the...
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