After reflecting on my last year, I sat down to do what everyone else does in late December and early January. I started making plans for the New Year. I don’t like to call them resolutions, because then they seem doomed to fail. But there are some serious goals and plans that I have for this year, and I’m ready to crush them. And crushing goals starts with planning out a great year.

In 2019, I accomplished quite a few things. I’m proud of every single one of them, but some more than others. Here are my top four:

  1. We paid off the last of our debt.
  2. We stayed debt-free for the year, including a Disney cruise.
  3. I read the entire Bible, chronologically.
  4. I rekindled my love for reading.

In order to make 2020 the best year, I have to decide what I want to accomplish. There are a few steps involved, including the above reflection. These steps are pretty easy to follow and you can adapt them to your own goals and plans easily.

How to Plan Out a Great Year

How to Plan Out a Great Year
  1. Write down all the things you accomplished in the last year and circle the ones you are most proud of.
  2. Now write down all the things you want to accomplish this year.
  3. Narrow down that list by deciding on your top 5 to 7 goals. I tried 10 goals at a time throughout the second half of 2019 and found 10 to be too many at once. But you can pick the right number for you.
  4. Then start writing down the steps you need to take to achieve those goals.

Making a list of your top goals and how you are going to implement them is going to be key for you, and for me, in accomplishing our goals. This year, I’m using the Christian planner from Hello, Revival! which breaks things down for me in a familiar way.

Write Down Your Plan

How to Plan Out a Great Year

It starts with prompting me to write down five goals for the year along with habits I want to make—and break, prayers I want answered, and projects I want to start. There is also room for a vision board, which may prove challenging for this list-oriented person, but I’m going to give it a shot.

Each month gives me room for a theme and some notes on the side of the monthly calendar, which I am going to use as my primary goal for the month. While I’ll be working on some things throughout the year, like fitness and healthy eating, each month there will be one thing I devote extra time to.

Another thing this journal has, that will help my spiritual goals this year is a space for sermon notes each week and some blank space for me to journal, draw, and dream. I’m not great about taking notes during the message each week and I frequently want to reference a verse or phrase later in the week.

Small, Consistent Steps

Each week is laid out on two pages, giving me a full picture of the week’s schedule and task. There’s enough room for me to write appointments, meetings, and short notes about the day. For work-related notes, I will still be using my Rocketbook, as I need quite a bit of space to manage my to-do lists.

Each weekly spread has a section for goals. Here I’ll list five goals for the week and can use the built-in habit tracker to keep track of my progress. These goals will be a combination of habits I’m wanting to create and specific tasks to help me reach a goal.

For example, in November of 2019, I was really working on screen-free hour before bed. So I had that in my habit tracker. Now it is a habit that I don’t need to track, so I can replace that line with another habit I want to create. Also, if my specific goal for the month is fitness related, perhaps there is something I should be doing daily to help reach that goal, this is a great place to track those things.

I love crossing things off lists, and I like being able to reflect back on those accomplishments. My planner for 2020 has an end of the year reflection on the last page, something where I can highlight events and accomplishments, note challenges that forced me to grow and jot down things to push into 2021.

how to plan out a great new year

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