The holidays can be overwhelming, especially as a military family stationed far from home. We can’t always travel home, and family can’t always come to visit us, and for so many years we moved over the holiday season. But this year was perfect. This year, we focused on experiences and quality family time instead of gifts. Which is exactly how we found ourselves having a day of family fun at Medieval Times.

We’ve lived in Georgia for almost two years, and this was the first time we ventured into Atlanta for anything besides driving the bypass. Yes, I know, but we aren’t really city people and there is plenty for us to do in Augusta. But, nevertheless, we loaded up and took off for Medieval Times.

If you’ve never been to Medieval Times, you’re in for a treat. Think dinner and a show, but turned up to eleven. Every time I arrive I feel like I’ve gone back in time to the days of Henry VIII and his many queens. You’re greeted and treated like royalty, served a delicious feast, and watch a wonderful show, including jousting.

Medieval Times is Great for Families

This was the second time we’ve visited the castle with at least one toddler in tow, and it’s really a great experience. Gregory was old enough to understand what was going on and enjoy the sites and sounds. Medieval Times does a great job of making the experience family-friendly too.

Kids love that they can cheer and boo from the get-go, while yelling loudly for their knight. They also love that they can eat their entire meal with their fingers. Gregory quickly figured out how to drink the soup using the “cool bowl with a handle” and Declan devoured his chicken using his fingers. Ice cream for dessert isn’t too shabby either.

Of course, we could have spent some time explaining the history behind the tournaments and the jousting and the monarchy, but instead, we just enjoyed it all. From dressage and the eagle to sword fighting, we all had our favorite parts.

Medieval Times is a great place to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, promotion, or just for some family fun. Make your reservation now and save 40% on adult tickets and 20% on kids tickets using the code USF4020. Code valid through 9/30/2020 so check that calendar and make it a date.

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