How to Outsource Meal Planning

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Have you been intimidated by meal prep, freezer cooking, or your Instant Pot? I know that so many busy people want to simplify their lives, and one great way to do that is in the kitchen. But when faced with the options and suggestions on the internet – we really do love you Pinterest – they get overwhelmed and make no progress.

But I want to let you in on a secret.

You don’t have to do it all yourself.

Ok, let’s think about this. Busy, and productive people outsource the things they can. You may not think you outsource anything, but I’m sure you do. Do you use Amazon Prime? Outsourcing! What about grocery pickup? Dry cleaning? Do your kids ride the bus to and from school? We outsource some things without even thinking about it.

So why haven’t you considered outsourcing this meal planning thing? If you could have someone, or something, provide you with a plan, give you a shopping list, a prep list, printable labels, and directions, what else would you need?

Save Time and Money

On average, Americans spend 10% of their budget on groceries each month. They spend about $3,000 annualy eating out. What does your monthly grocery budget look like? How much food is left in your fridge or freezer, how much do you throw out? Do you really eat those leftovers?

Take a look at what you are currently spending on food and how much of it you are consuming. Are there ways to cut some corners without spending hours clipping coupons? There is! And you can save time too.

Freezer cooking with Once a Month Meals can save you up to an hour each day. Imagine preparing breakfast and starting to cook dinner at the same time. Think about how nice it would be to arrive home from work to have dinner already ready, and only one dish to clean. This is the beauty of freezer cooking.

Picky Eaters? No Problems!

The first thing I hear from people who are hesitant to use a meal planning service is that they are on a special diet, or their kids won’t eat green vegetables. With OAMM, you can choose from already-made menus or customize them. You can save your menus for easy access the next time you are ready to cook.

Dietary specific menus are already made for you! Paleo, vegetarian, Gluten & Dairy free, Whole30, Keto, and even Baby Food menus are available. Only want meals that are easy assembly? We’ve got that. Looking to (finally) try that Instant Pot – yeah, there’s a menu specifically for that too.

What Are You Getting Exactly?

Let’s take a look at some of the menu options. There are several different kinds, but you’ll see some of the same menus, made to the dietary or time standards.

Fall Instant Pot Freezer Menu Vol. 5

15 “dump and go” dinners – doubled to make 30 meals that you can put on the table quickly.

Instant Pot Soup, Stew and Chili Mini Menu Vol. 1

Seven easy to assemble meals made in your instant pot – doubled to make 14 dinners perfect for fall. There’s also an identical slow cooker menu so that you can cook them either way.

Spring Ground Beef Mini Menu Vol. 1

Did you find a good sale on ground beef? Here’s a collection of 5 dinners that all use ground beef doubled to make 10 meals ready for your freezer.

Why You Need to Act Now!

OAMM just announced that they are going to be closing their membership option on October 18th so they can take more time working with the membership they currently have. This means YOU will receive updated menus, more instruction, and a better community experience. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity to start your freezer cooking journey.

Start stocking the freezer this month with healthy foods for 2019. Plan your holiday meals, shop the sales, and cut your prep time in half with holiday menus. Finally, learn how to use that Instant Pot and join the crowds of busy parents who are thanking their lucky kitchen stars that they can provide a healthy meal in between soccer practice and homework.

Join us now!

Once A Month Meals

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