5 Stops for a Weekend Getaway in Richmond, Virginia

It’s summer! Last week, the kids finished school, and we headed out for a weekend getaway in Richmond, Virginia. My sister was getting married in a city we haven’t explored yet, and we were going to make the most of it. (For the record, G and I visited Maggie last year and did a little exploring, and Steven has been there before.) I’d been talking up this adventure for months to the kids, and I was more than ready.

It’s only about a seven-hour drive up through North and South Carolina to Richmond. It was an easy trip, and we arrived late afternoon. We stayed at the Linden Row Inn in the heart of downtown. It’s a gorgeous hotel, with a variety of rooms. They had the old fireplaces, some rooms had gorgeous hardwood floors, and the molding was beautiful. My favorite part, however, was that each room lead out to a porch and our little section had two, very comfortable rocking chairs. We sat out there Friday evening and listened to a band play at the wedding in the courtyard. It was so nice!

The first evening, we crossed one item off our “to visit” list for dinner. We visited Proper Pie Company and dined alfresco in Patrick Henry Park. The meat pies available at Proper Pie are so yummy. We tried the apple pork and chili bean and cheese. We also got a few sausage rolls for the kids. They enjoyed running around the park, climbing trees, tossing around the baseball, and watching the fire trucks come and go from the station across the park. It was a great dinner option.

Saturday morning, we set off for adventure! I had a few things I really wanted to do. But first, we had to eat! So we went right around the corner to Perly’s. Oh, it was heavenly! The kids had French toast, I had a breakfast sandwich on a bagel, and Steven had breakfast schnitzel. We ordered yogurt with fruit for G, and he devoured it. Except for the blackberries. He didn’t like those.

We then adventured to T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge, aka the pedestrian bridge. This sparked a conversation about the definition of pedestrian, of course. I had visited this bridge briefly last year and really wanted to take the kids. The beginning of the bridge has the timeline of the sacking of Richmond in April 1865, complete with quotes from both sides. We are all history buffs, and everyone found this intriguing.

We continued across the bridge, venturing down and around until we could go no further with the stroller. We came back a slightly different way, arriving at the top of a cliff where people were rock climbing. We climbed down a very steep staircase and then continued back across the bridge.

As we were deciding what else to do before heading home for naps, we noticed the Tredegar American Civil War Museum and took a peek inside. Again, the history nerds in us all were eager to explore the museum. To our luck, it was one of the 2,000 museums that participate in the Blue Star Families summer program. That meant Saturday was the first day for free admission for military families to their museum. Awesome!

As I predicted, the kids and us adults both loved the museum. They had some great maps with facts and statistics, some videos, costumes for the kids to try on, and great quotes on the wall. We enjoyed it and can’t wait to see what other museums we can visit this summer.

The rest of the weekend was heavy with family activities and wedding stuff though Steven and I did escape for a late night snack to Capital Ale House Saturday night. We tried some Virginia brewed beers, some mussels, and had hot apple pie for dessert.

Our family really liked Richmond, which is great because my sister and my brother live there. I see many more trips in the future.

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