I lost control of my perfectly crafted week by 10:30 am on Monday. I can see you nodding your head in agreement. Yup, it happens. To be fair, it’s a short week and the last week of school. But come on, I should have at least been able to enjoy a second cup of coffee before the world came crashing down.

Let me share a few of the things that are (now!) on the list for this week:

  • Delilah to the vet
  • Board meeting for a volunteer position
  • Friends visiting from out of town
  • Ice cream social for 50 fourth graders
  • Teacher gifts to be made and gifted
  • Oil change for the car

So while I was dropping off G at the sitter (for his last week of full-time care until August!), my husband took Delilah to the vet. Turns out what we thought were allergies is actually glaucoma. She’s blind in one eye, and one short trip to the vet turned into much, much more.

We’re now sitting at mid-week where she’s made two trips to two different vets, is now on three medications, and has surgery scheduled for next week. I spent an hour serving 50 fourth graders ice cream yesterday, and still have the scoop in my purse. I’ve been late getting home each afternoon causing my two big kids to arrive home alone.

But this morning, instead of freaking out and declaring the entire week a miss, I decided to focus on the positives. And since I know this kind of crazy happens to you all as well, I wanted to share my techniques for overcoming this crazy.


A friend always tells me, there are things you HAVE to do, and there are things you WANT to do. I have to get my work done. I have to feed my kids. I do not have to clean my house. I do not have to cook the dinner I feed my kids.

So, I took a look at my to-do list for the week and then moved some things to next week. And took some off completely. It felt really good to clear that mess up, and it took some pressure off.

Take a deep breath

I’m not a yoga girl, and I don’t drink tea, but I can still appreciate some quiet time without those things. I got up a little early this morning, enjoyed some downtime and then was ready to tackle my day.

Accept it

Everything is not going to get done this week. That is something I struggle with. But, knowing it and admitting it and then moving forward is easier. Now the pressure is off, and I can go with it. Get what I can get done and leave what I can’t. I’m my harshest critic, I know.

Are you having a rough week? Try these three things and then take another shot at it. You can do this, remember that!

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