Would you be surprised to learn that my first sporting event in our new town was baseball? Probably not. It is spring after all. But we also live in Augusta, so really, I probably should be writing something golf related, right?

But I’m an all-American girl and I love baseball. I love minor league baseball even more. So when, once again, we found out there was a minor league baseball team here, we were eager to attend a game.

Adventures in Augusta Baseball

The Spouses’ Club held their April event there, on opening weekend, and I may have been the first person to RSVP. My husband and I attended and were immediately in love with the ballpark. It sits on the river, just across the state line in South Carolina. And, there is a nice breeze, something the ballpark in Pensacola never had.

The first night we sat in the patio section, enjoyed dinner and visited with friends. We watched a little of the game, but it’s so easy to get distracted when not sitting right on the baseline.

This past weekend, we took the kids with us. We opted for seats along the first base line. Declan would want me to tell you that he had a free seat because of his reading challenge at school. We are always proud of the fact that our kids love to read!

With a 2:05 start, I was a little worried about the sun, but we were in the shade the whole time. We had great seats and were able to watch the whole game without running into bedtimes. We even let the kids run the bases at the end. Even baby G participated.

Parking is slightly offsite, which makes for a short walk downhill to the ballpark. We walked down and took the golf cart shuttle (of course it’s a golf cart) up. When we took the kids, we rode both ways, they loved it. I highly suggest

And while Abi said next time she really would like to remember to bring a book next time, and G took his shoes off in the third inning, we had a marvelous time. We really can’t wait to go back.

At with that, one item is crossed off of the bucket list. What should we do next?

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