I’m incredibly lucky to be living in Augusta, Georgia, a place full of friends. Not just new military friends, you know the ones you meet within the first few days after a move and hopelessly cling to as you both figure out your new life. But old military friends too. The ones you haven’t seen in ten years but it doesn’t matter; you pick up where you left off.

The weeks after a move are both incredibly exciting and lonely. The thrill of the new house has worn off, and now it’s time to get into the cleaning routine. The new activities and days spent exploring are replaced with food shopping, chauffeuring kids to activities, and doing endless loads of laundry.

Settling In and Making My List

So, when I was facing the first few days of our new “normal,” and my friend invited me to lunch, I jumped at it. When she said she’d add in a little tour of Augusta, I was even more excited. An inside look at my new hometown. Let’s go!

We had such fun, her reminiscing about starting her army wife life here in Augusta and me making a mental list of all the things I wanted to visit again, some with specific family members and others with my kids. And so, to help me remember what I saw and where I plan to visit very soon, I made my 2018 August Bucket List.

As I explored I found several restaurants and coffee shops I’d like to frequent later, but I think they deserve their own post, so stay tuned for that!

Sacred Heart Cultural Center

When I heard people referring to Sacred Heart, I assumed it was a hospital or a church. I was half right. Sacred Heart was, about 120 years ago, a Catholic Church, and it was renovated into the cultural center it is now. The interior, where you can see the gorgeous stained glass and organ, plays host to events like proms and weddings.

Augusta Museum of History

I’m a sucker for history of almost any kind, but local history is always so intriguing. The prices are very reasonable, my family of five would only cost $12! With sections dedicated to the long history of the state of Georgia, transportation and public service, there is something for everyone to enjoy. It’s safe to say we could quickly lose track of time in there; perhaps we should plan multiple visits!

Augusta National

A golfer I am not, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m intrigued by what lies behind the tall bushes and security fences surrounding the most famous golf course in the world. A drive through the parking areas was enough to peak my interest even more. While I won’t be attending the grand event this year, surely there’s some way I can catch a glimpse during our time here.

Augusta Canal Discovery Center 

Did you know August has the only industrial canal that has been in continuous use? Nope, me neither. But now I’m intrigued! So, on our canal adventure, we’re going to start with an open-air boat tour, then we’ll explore the Discovery Center so we can answer all the questions the kids will inevitably have about what a canal is and how it works. And then, I think, a hike around the canal’s trail and maybe a picnic lunch. Who can we entice to visit the canal with us?

Hammond’s Ferry

Just north of the river is North Augusta, located in South Carolina. A beautiful neighborhood called Hammond’s Ferry sits right on the river there. Gorgeous houses in a planned community perfect for walking everywhere, with a few little restaurants, it also boasts a park right on the riverbank. Boeckh Park is often the host of concerts, which is what I think will bring us back there soon.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church & Cemetery

Local history combined with a gorgeous church and historic cemetery? Ok, I’m in. While I imagine visiting in the fall, with a hot coffee and crisp air, I think I shan’t wait that long. I think I’ll take a little stroll through history one afternoon when I need just a little quiet time and learn a bit of Georgia history.

Riverside Village & Green Jacket’s Stadium

Those of you who know me well, know just how much I love baseball, particularly local baseball at a beautiful stadium. So I was excited to learn that, just like Pensacola, August has a minor league baseball team. And, that they are almost finished building a brand new stadium along the river. I’m so excited that I get to explore this stadium with my husband and some new friends on opening weekend!

Have you visited Augusta before? What else should I put on my list? 



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