In fall of 2014, I was searching for something. I’m not sure I even knew what I was searching for. Life was good, my family was healthy but something felt off. My shoulder was bothering me, my back was bothering me and I was looking for some alternatives.

My journey took me to my friend Carolyn, who asked if I was interested in learning about Young Living Essential Oils. I said no, I wasn’t. And that was that.

But as I kept searching for something, I thought that if others were using essential oils and they were happy it was worth my time to research. So research I did. I wanted to know what they were, why people liked them, about the company, etc. Of course, throughout my search, I found several oil companies, which added another layer of research. Which one was the best?

Young Living Essential Oils

After a bit of research, I reached out to Carolyn and said, I’m ready. She took the time to talk to me about Young Living and the quality of the oils. She included personal stories as to what she used them for. I was already sold on Young Living, but Carolyn really sealed the deal. She made it seem second nature, which it is now for me.

So I started with the Premium Starter Kit, which was a bit different than it is now. And I fell in love. I quickly discovered my favorite oil was Peace & Calming. I was soon using almost every one of the 11 oils that came in my starter kit and the diffuser every day.

I got tired of moving the diffuser around, so I bought another one. And another one. Soon each bedroom and the kitchen had a diffuser in it. My family was officially oily.

Almost a year later, I started using other products. Looking around my house today, you’d be hard-pressed to find many other brands.

Each day I use Young Living products:

  • In my hair
  • On my face
  • On my teeth
  • To clean with
  • To cook with
  • In my water

I have also switched several regular products to the toxic-free Young Living version. Including

  • Vitamins
  • Amino Acids for working out
  • Lotions
  • Air fresheners (I make my own!)
  • Bath bombs

I really love what Young Living Essential Oils has done for my family. It has provided us all with an alternative to medicine and harsh, chemical-laden products. Sure, we still go to the doctor when we need to, but we reach for oils to soothe and calm us first. We all have our favorite oils and I make sure we are well stocked.

Young Living has also given me the opportunity to share my love of oils with other people. When I do this, I get to earn money, which covers my monthly oil order and contributes to our family.

Are you interested in learning more about essential oils? Ready to learn how to get started? Let me know and I’ll happily talk you through it, in person, over the phone, or even over video chat.

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